Job Description

As a software developer at CFL, you’ll be challenged from the outset to collaboratively have real impact on the firm’s performance through the application of our financial modeling tools and solutions in an immediate and significant way. You will be provided with an environment to both prove and continually improve your dev skills in the competitive and far-reaching world of finance, while enjoying a quality of life in the Austin, TX area unmatched by nearly any place offering a comparative opportunity. You will use your software development skills to solve problems that help reveal the nature of how 21st century financial markets work in the age of machine learning and AI and become part of a 21st century, scientifically-driven, elite fund. You will help design and implement services of both financial modeling and trading areas of our firm.

We are an early-stage start-up, enjoying the advantages of being a small but mobile, flat and elite team able to quickly implement some of the most exciting new technologies while leveraging our team’s past experience deep in the structure of the financial markets. We are looking for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who thrive off of scientifically solving real-world problems, in a collaborative environment, who prefer the freedom to execute and exercise their skills on top priorities, and who demonstrate a self-oriented “can-do” attitude.

Compensation: Negotiable

Job Qualifications:
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Driven and self-orienting. Our team is comprised of individuals who tend to self-prioritize and self-orient to challenges and solve them.
- Proven track record of self-directed or self-motivated scientific and/or data-based projects.
- Collaborative attitude. Someone who understands the nature of how one plus one can equal far more than two.
- Full-stack development experience.
- Familiarity with standard tooling: git, Docker, github/bitbucket.
- Comfort with cloud computing services AWS or Google Cloud.
- Python Expertise.
- Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms.

Highly desired:
- Big-data ETL pipeline design experience.
- Expertise in numpy, scipy, scikit-learn packages.

Plus, but not required:
- Familiarity with Matlab, Java or C++.
- Kubernetes, Kubeflow, Airflow.
- Experience in a real-world application research project.
- Experience interacting with or deploying distributed sql & nosql databases.
- Experience interacting with distributed, GPU-based cluster architectures.